Simple Golf Short Game Tips That Can Help Decrease Your Handicap

Your golf short game plays a vital role in reducing your golf scores.

Beginners and intermediate golfers alike always appear to achieve the same goal, and that’s hitting the ball to transmit it as being far as they can. Probably the most vital factor to keep in mind when golfing is there are no shortcuts to learning it, for this requires both your time and energy to understand.

Here are simple golf short game tips which will do wonders in assisting you decrease your handicap:

1 – Wedge shots can set the building blocks throughout your swing, such as the longer clubs. This kind of shot may also save you plenty of strokes on the game of golf. Additionally, mastering your wedge shot can help you be consistent in striking together with your motorists and lengthy irons. The best ball position for hitting wedges is placing the ball in the heart of your stance. Being great within the wedge game is about practice, therefore it is best should you spend a good chunk of your energy hitting this shot.

2 – Make sure to focus on your bunker shots too. When hitting bunker shots, your primary aim would be to hit it a few inches behind the ball and to utilize a cushion of sand to pry the ball from the bunker. Accelerate in your downswing instead of slowing lower.

3 – Chipping and flop shots will also be important elements to enhance your golf short game.

A good method to practice is as simple as hitting chips from various lies and becoming comfortable hitting from all of these difficult lies. When chipping, make certain the ball position is leaning more towards your right feet if you’re a right handed player. Conserve a straight line between your club as well as your left hands too.

Creating a good pre-shot routine can also be significant as it can help you in remaining focused physically and psychologically. Be decisive and don’t doubt what you can do to complete the shots.