Fundamentals to Master in Every Poker QQ Match

Want to become a poker player with capabilities everyone would envy? Love Poker QQ match and win real money? Need to know the betting rules that would bring on the best bets inside? Well, here’s a guide with all that you need to know. No matter if you are starting hands in this game or have already spent many years gambling and winning matches, this thumb rules can be of real help.

Unfailing ways to win Poker QQ match

When you are in a Poker QQ match, never risk your queen. Your queen can falter your position. So if you have powerful players against you, pro players suggest that limping in with the queen will always push you into trouble. Although considered as a vulnerable step in Poker qq, this move has as many as 45% chances that will end with an overcard on the flop.

Don’t fall for raising wars

Newbie players should strictly follow this rule as they are one with lesser experience and has a tendency to fall for raising a war. We suggest keeping your cool and checking other powerful players who may come up with the king and its aces. When you raise your queen, someone may re-raise their king and aces. And they decide to follow an aggressive gaming strategy, it’s very likely that your queen is all out and goes down.

The perfect time for rising

There’s no rule to go by for raising your queen in a Poker QQ match. Like every other game, when you are into online poker, all you need is to estimate the power of other players on board. While experienced hands are better to decide when to call for raise, those who are new to the game should always weigh their position and decide if the raise is profitable for pocket queens.

Suggestions from pro players

  • If you are a beginner, it’s very likely that you are tempted to play every hand you come across. However, you need to eliminate this practice ASAP to become a strong player who can control the board with his mover of the queen.
  • Before you even start playing, it’s advisable to take a note of the hole cards in relation to your position with the dealer. With the queen in your hand, you may have stronger cards than the dealer, but the positions are equally essential.
  • Table positions play an important role when you are playing Poker QQ. It is always suggested by the pro players that if you are seating immediate next to the dealer, that’s the best position of the table.
  • Seats in early position are considered as the worst. Two seats to the left of the dealer are said as early position seats.
  • Also, one should avoid middle positions on the poker table. Why? When you think that you can sense the board positions because some of the players had their hands, you are actually behind all of them, narrowing your profits.

While we have presented a lot of advice and suggestions from players who are experienced in Poker qq, please keep in mind that all these may go in vain when you are actually on board, playing with other 8 players. All the advice would of no work and only your experience can talk in the long run.