FIFA 20 Career Mode

Career mode is among the popular Mode of FIFA gaming series. But fans are tired of seeing the same features in the Career Mode.

However, the new edition of the FIFA series is going to release on 27th September 2019 and fans are hoping that this time they will see sometime new in this Mode.

But what is career mode? If you have ever played some edition of FIFA game series, then you must be aware of this Mode. However, if you are going to play it for the first time, then you might not know about the career mode.

So in order to let you known about the Career mode, I have made a comprehensive guide on Career mode and the upcoming changes in the FIFA 20 Career Mode.

What is Career Mode?

Career Mode is just another type of Mode in FIFA 19, where you are allowed to play a more realistic Football. The player is allowed to have a Press conference and interaction with other opponent players just like real life.

 Career Mode has many other things to offer that you can experience in a real-life football. EA Sports has been focusing on various other modes like Ultimate team in the past due to which they somehow neglected the Career Mode in FIFA 19.

FIFA 20 Career Mode

FIFA 20 is definitely going to bring sometimes new for the fans this year. Unlike the previous FIFA 19, we may see many changes in the Career Mode of FIFA 20.

Although we have got some news about the new additions in the FIFA 20 Career mode, still we have to wait for the official release to confirm the news.

This year FIFA 20 is surely going to be a worth experience. Other than the career mode, EA Sports has officially announced a new mode in the upcoming game.

VOLTA Football is the upcoming FIFA 20 Mode which offers a real street football effect. It grants a 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 player game which is just like a street football.

However, to play all the stuff, we have to wait for a few more weeks. But the wait will be surely worth it. Below are some of the changes that you may see in FIFA 20 Career Mode.

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Dynamic player potential

We may be able to see a dynamic player potential in the FIFA 20 game. The potential of the player will be based on his performance. The potential will not depend on the age of the player; it will only depend on the performance.

So even if an old player is showing good performance on the field, then surely he is going to get higher potential.

You might have seen that player that are close to their retirement period, usually show a decrease in the attributes rather than improving, but it will not happen now.

However, in case some strikers who are unable to hit the ball on the net, or a defender who is not showing good skill in the defense, will display a decrease in the attributes.

Various Customization option

EA Sports is bringing many new changes in the upcoming FIFA 20 career Mode. For the very first time in FIFA game history, men and women football players will be able to compete on the same pitch, which is an amazing thing.

Women football was firstly introduced by EA Sports in the FIFA 16 game, and again with the new FIFA release, the player will be able to see the character of different gender playing together on the field.

EA Sports has worked really hard on the avatar customization of the player so we might see many new faces in the game.

Player interactions

FIFA 20 might come up with a more player interaction in the game. After seeing the FIFA 19 Career Mode, fans were asking to add more player interaction outside the field to add extra realistic effect.

So we might be able to see player interactions outside the field. There might also be various changes in the press conference of the FIFA 20 game. You may experience different dialog and other things like real football.