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Keesdrow Instructions
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2008 Canadian Toy Testing Council Children’s Choice Award

2005 Chicago Tribune Top 20 Cool Games

Keesdrow (“word seek” spelled backwards) is the Ultimate Word Seek Game! Players at all skill levels will enjoy finding words within the maze of letters. It is designed to entertain a wide range of audiences and age groups. Keesdrow is ideal as a fun activity for group gatherings, an evening with friends, or to share quality time with your family.

Keesdrow is fun and challenging with a strong educational benefit for all who play. Few games offer the level of interaction between children and adults like Keesdrow.

Unlike other word games, all players have access at all times to the entire game board and to all letters on the board. Double-sided tiles provide a new game each time Keesdrow is played!

Easy to learn and play, yet will challenge even the most intellectual player, or one that thrives on strategizing several moves in advance! You will be sure to take advantage of each other’s moves, building on previously used letters to score extra points. Enjoy non-stop fun as you show other players just how creative you can be.

Ages 8 to Adult. Recommended for 2 to 6 players, individuals or teams. Approximate playing time is 30-60 minutes, depending on player's preferences.

Game Overview:

  • Players compete for high score by identifying words within a maze of letters, and score points based on the letters they use. As players identify words, they insert a colored peg in the hole of each letter used to form the word.
  • Connect letters in sequence (up, down, left, right, or diagonally) to make words.
  • Use a letter the first time and insert a green peg for the value shown. Use a letter a second time and insert a yellow peg for double the value. Use it a third and final time and insert a red peg for triple the value. (Think of a stoplight – first play the green, then the yellow, and finally the red at which time play is stopped for that letter.)
  • There are two primary strategies when playing Keesdrow. The first is to build on previously played letters to score double or triple points.
  • The second strategy is to spell words with multiples of the same letter such as “bubble” and score extra points on those letters used more than once.
  • End play by one of two ways:
    1. Play a set number of rounds such as ten rounds after which high score wins.
    2. Or play toward a point goal such as 200 points and the first player to reach the goal wins.