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Pywacket Games
Bringing family and friends together to share fun expreiences!

Pywacket Games produces FUN, high quality, family and educational board games. Adults and children thoroughly enjoy the unique play of our games, and the quality endures endless hours of play. Our games are easy to learn and quick to play. All of our games, while fun and strategic to play, incorporate a strong educational focus in their design and play.

Our individual games have received awards from GAMES100, Mensa Select®, Dr. Toy, Parent’s Choice, eParenting, Creative Child, Canadian Toy Testing Council, National Association of Gifted Children, Major Fun Thinking and Chicago Tribune. We believe you will find our games to be very deserving of these awards and among the best board games you have ever played. They continue to be sought as highly popular games.

We plan to release one or two new board games each year, debuting them at the American International Toy Fair in New York in February. Our pool of approximately 70 play testers include avid board game enthusiasts of all ages and preferences. Our goal is to continue to produce the best and most desired board games available; games that have strong potential to develop into classic board games that will endure generation after generation.

Pywacket's first word board game "Keesdrow" ("Word seek" spelled backwards) is a word game with nearly 40,000 copies in circulation, and continues to build as one of the top board games among families, educators and board game enthusiasts. Keesdrow is the winner of eleven popular game awards including Mensa Select, GAMES100, Dr. Toy, Parent’s Choice, Creative Child and others. For word game lovers, this is the Ultimate Word board game, and sure to be a classic board game of the future!

Keesdrow Deluxe follows the identical game play of the Keesdrow word board game with an expanded number of triple-varnished hardwood tiles for a greater number of play options. For avid word game and strategy game enthusiasts, Keesdrow Deluxe is one of the best board games!

Gemlok, a popular dice strategy game, combines unique dice movements, bumping strategies and the luck of the dice on a very attractive game board, complemented with gem-like glass pawns. Gemlok is an easy to learn, fast moving dice game with some very interesting twists.

Cromlet, combines card play with a fresh strategic play that challenges players to claim ancient coins before losing them to other players. Mix in a few “Wild” cards along with some very unique game play, and you have a FUN, easy to learn, fast moving strategy game called Cromlet.